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All-Stars Almanac - 9/17/21

All-Stars Almanac - 9/17/21
Posted on 09/17/2021
All-Stars Almanac

Home of the 5 C's

Citizenship, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity

SBA News

One of the definitions of ‘Almanac’ is, “an annual reference book of useful and interesting facts relating to countries of the world, sports, entertainment etc.".

Periodically, it is our plan to publish our own All-Star Almanac of sorts.  We know that many of you have volunteered in classrooms in the past and we are not able to offer that this year.  We also realize that many parents are employed at the same time that your child is at school and you are unable to see live snippets of your child’s learning.

It is our hope that this almanac will give you a brief picture into our exciting, interesting, and worthwhile world of learning here at SBA.  Both staff and students are doing incredible work, learning, and growing on a daily basis.  Our focus remains putting our 5 Cs into action to support learning and thinking, supporting our students’ social and emotional growth, developing our students into outstanding citizens, and creating a true community.

Thank you for your continued support!

We wanted to share a small clip of our annual Patriot Day Ceremony.


Positive Perspectives from Mr. Reider

One of our Cs is “Citizenship”.  The definition is ‘Demanding and supporting the best in ourselves and of each other’

During today’s climate, sometimes it can be hard to find the positive.  That is not true here at SBA.  I feel lucky to be a part of Susan B. Anthony and be retaught each day about the positive influence of a caring community.  Whether I walk to the lunch tables when students are eating lunch, to the playground, or into a classroom, I see students that are focused on what they need to be doing, working hard, and enjoying their recess or break, or just being with their friends. 

I know that some of the health rules, such as masks, that we must follow during this pandemic have caused some concerns, but here, at SBA, the students are just happy to be here.  I am only sharing this because the staff and I get to observe it and be a part of it on a daily basis.  Obviously, everyone inside wears masks, but many students choose to remove them outside while at recess or lunch, while some students choose to keep their masks on while playing.  What I observe consistently is that the students do not care.  Every student does what they need to do inside the classroom and then they allow their friends and fellow students to choose what they are comfortable with outside the building.  Our students truly display all of our Cs, but in this case, they have sincerely acted on our C of Citizenship.

A large part of this is a thank you to you as parents.  Being a parent myself, we always hope that our students take what we have tried to teach them or are trying to teach them and they make good decisions when they are out of our sight.  During this unique time, you can be proud of how your children are conducting themselves and keeping the focus on our Cs and their learning.  

-Mr. Reider


Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Lewis

Nervousness and Worry

Having a child who feels upset before school can be stressful. This year has been especially tough for some students who may be having trouble being away from home and transitioning back into a regular school schedule.  Here are some helpful hints to get your child back on track:

  • Establish a consistent routine, put it in writing, and go over it several times. Give small rewards (i.e., verbal praise) when your child follows the routine.
  • Use a reward system for the specific behaviors you expect. (Working on 1-3 behaviors at a time is best.)
  • Communicate with your teacher so your child knows you both want the same thing, and so the teacher knows if your child needs a little extra TLC that day.
  • Practice some coping skills your child can use at school.  Each week I have been in classrooms practicing calming strategies with our students - ask your child which one he/she can use!

For more information, please visit the “Family Resources” tab on my website


-Mrs. Lewis

Important Dates to Remember


September 28th- PTA Fundraiser Due Date

September 29th-Twin Day

Every Week:

Mondays are College Wear Day.

Wednesdays are 100 Mile Club Day.

Fridays are Spirit Wear Day or Red, White and Blue.

Important Reminders

For your child:

  • Make sure they have a face covering everyday before school.
  • Make sure your child's Chromebook is charged and in their backpack before they leave for school.

For Parents:

  • Make sure Parent Contact phone numbers and Emergency contact phone numbers are up-to-date at all times.
  • Add Daycare to your child's emergency contacts.
  • Always bring your ID with you when you pick your child from the office. It is required by District for us to release your child to you. Your child's safety comes first.
  • Remember to always wear a face covering when entering the school office.
Friday, September 17, 2021


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