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Cell Phones/Forgotten Items



Dear SBA Families:

One of our many goals is to teach and support our students in learning to become independent and responsible individuals.  This is done, not only by example, but also through trial and error.  There are two areas that you can support this goal in regards to our school. 


Corona-Norco Unified School District’s policy is that students may have phones and other electronic signaling devices in their possession, but may only be utilized in locations and at times permitted by a teacher or staff member.  Students may not turn on or utilize a personal device during the instructional day unless they have permission from the teacher.  If procedures are not followed, the device may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  If you entrust your child with a phone of any sort, please talk to him/her about this policy.  Subsequently, please do not expect your child to communicate with you during the school day via his/her phone.  Finally, please talk to your child about safety precautions.  Many children will walk home texting or on the phone, not paying attention to the traffic around them.  This can be a dangerous scenario.  Thank you for your support.


We, as parents, support our children in learning to be organized and responsible for their materials and for what is expected of them.  It is also understood that even the most organized child/person can forget an item such as homework, a notebook, or even a lunch. What we are asking of you is that you not rescue them, if items are forgotten, by bringing the article to school for them.  Help your child to be organized and planned with their school materials and requirements at home, ensure they have lunch before they leave for school, and that they understand how, when, and where they are to get home from school and then trust them to do it.  If they continually forget, give them ample time/space/support to work with their teacher to problem-solve, so it does not happen again.  Teachers understand who is consistently prepared for their day of learning and who is not and often forgets items.  They will be fair with each student and will only want to support that independence and responsibility that we all want for our children.  Success can only happen if we allow our students to work through the process of learning how to be responsible, organized, and follow through with their responsibilities on their own.  Dropped off items in the office are not accepted, so thank you for your assistance of your student and this goal of independence and responsibility.

Both of these topics are completely aligned with our school-wide plan of our 5 C’s and reinforce our goals.  Thank you for your work as parents and for your support.


The Staff of SBA             

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