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Drop-Off/Pick-up Procedures

  • Welcome to a New School Year at Susan B. Anthony!


    Please for the safety of your students and to have our dismissal process flow smoothly and efficiently, drop off and pick up your students at your assigned location only!

    Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Dismissal – IT IS A DRIVE-Thru System

         Please allow plenty of time for your students to be on time for school. Classes begin immediately at 8:45 a.m. We can get everyone in and out much more quickly if we all follow this simple process:

  •    -If dropping off by car, please pull into the line and pull all the way up to drop off your child at the sidewalk. In front, the gate to be used by students is the middle gate. In the lower lot, it is the gate at the far end, entering the playground area.

   -Kindergarten parents, please drop off your youngsters only after you see the kindergarten teachers outside at their front gate. Until that time there is no one to watch your little ones and we don’t want them to remain unattended, for safety purposes.
   - Students with last names A – L, go to the upper front of the school lot for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Students with last names M - Z will move to the bottom drop off/ pick up area on Santana Way behind our library building. EXCEPTION: Until our kindergarteners are comfortable, you may use the front lot only.
   - When getting into the line of cars on Gilbert, be certain not to block any intersections. Also make sure that other cars traveling down Gilbert can pass you. Residents of the community need to be able to travel this street without waiting in line. If you are coming down the right side of Gilbert (northbound), line up your vehicles close to the curb within the white line painted on the street. A - L parents; you may want to come up Gilbert from Taber or Fullerton and not from Santana. It is important that you follow the same flow of traffic in both lot locations and the signs that tell you what turn to make. This is crucial to alleviate traffic. You will be able to turn right out of the lower lot, just like in front of the school. Please do not turn left towards Gilbert.
   -Students must know that if they car pool, they must be picked up or dropped off in the location of the parent driver assigned area. Please let your teacher know this, so there’s no confusion.
   -Obviously, whether we are waiting in line or park our cars on residential streets, we need to use common courtesy. Remind children not to walk on any grass, pick flowers, or deface neighborhood property.
   -All child care providers and buses will drop off & pick up in the bus area on Gilbert.
   -Breakfast begins at 8:25 a.m. Campus supervision begins at 8:30a.m. Please DO NOT drop students off prior to these times. Breakfast students are to be dropped off in front of the school.
   -Early morning recess begins at 8:30a.m.; this is when teachers go out for supervision duty. This is also when our buses arrive. Students walk to the playground at this time. School starts promptly at 8:45 a.m.
   -At 8:45 a.m. when instruction begins, our school gates will be closed, according to District requirements for all our schools, but especially to ensure the safety of our students. After that, students go directly to the office to receive tardy notes. We wish to reduce the number of student tardies since this affects their learning time so please give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning.
   -If you park on one of the side streets, please be sure not to pull into our neighbors’ driveways or block them. Corona Police Department will ticket for this. Also, watch for permit only parking signs and the signs that say you may not make left turns out of the lots.
   -Once in our parking lot, again please pull up as far as you can, even if you see your child! They will be directed to follow you up until you can stop.
   -Please, please help us with the following as it really slows things down and poses dangerous situations for our youngsters:
     - Please help us maintain student safety by refraining from cell phone use when picking up your youngsters.
     - Don’t park in the street and call your children to cross the street (cars pass in both directions)
     - Cross only at the crosswalk (corner of Gilbert and Santana) even if it means walking out of the way a bit. Cars expect to see you there and are more cautious.
     - The city has restricted parking on Santana, since it backs up and causes gridlock. This then stops the flow of traffic at the corner.
     - Speeding in the parking lot is extremely dangerous so please drive slowly.

Parent Waiting Area

     -After the first week of school, the parent drop-off and waiting area for pick up, if you walk up to the front of the school or lower parking lot, is outside the gates. This procedure greatly enhances keeping our students as safe as possible by limiting who is on campus and making it easier for us to monitor! The gates are the middle gate in front of the school and the gate on the far end, nearest the playground/park in the lower parking lot. This procedure also allows us to meet our district’s requirement of being a closed campus.
     -Please remember that many students are trying to exit the school at dismissal, so please do not block the gates. Please stand way off to sides and then exit the campus as soon as you can to prevent further congestion. The drive-thru system is preferred or wait at the end of the school sidewalk instead of blocking student exits
     -We really appreciate your cooperation in keeping our students safe! In this day and age, it takes us working together – thank you!

These procedures are in place to ensure the absolute safety of our children and to optimize the learning and instruction of approximately 800 students here at Susan B. Anthony. We know you agree that they’re worth our extra effort and care!

Mr. Reider          Ms. Diaz
Principal            Assistant Principal

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